Firefox Focus for iOS protects from internet advertising

Firefox Focus for iOS protects from internet advertising
12:34 19 Noyabr 2016
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In almost any modern browser it is possible to find the incognito mode, in which browsing history is not saved. Often this function must be run separately in the settings. The company Mozilla decided to release a browser that would be liked by those who are concerned about their privacy.
 Firefox Focus has a number of unique features, but at the same time extremely easy to use. For example, it is impossible to open multiple tabs at the same time. But there is a possibility to disable advertising, Analytics, social trackers, and other unwanted content.
In addition to the protection from annoying ads in Firefox Focus directly on the main screen is a button for clearing the entire history of your stay in the Internet. Also the application has the ability to disable custom web fonts on sites or open the page in a regular browser, if necessary. Of course, this solution can’t replace Safari, Chrome or regular Firefox. The app has become a convenient addition for those who value privacy on the Internet.
At the moment Firefox Focus only available on iOS.