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Roscosmos will be engaged in search for extra-terrestrial life

Roscosmos will be engaged in search for extra-terrestrial life
20:01 23 Aprel 2015
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Baku, April 23, AZERTAC 
The draft Federal space program (BFC) for 2015-2025 Roscosmos has included plans to search for traces of extra-terrestrial life. About this report RIA Novosti with reference to the text of the document.
In addition to extra-terrestrial life, the Federal space Agency wants to study the evolution of Earth's climate, as well as other issues of astrobiology. To do so the Agency will be using the new spacecraft.
So, for 2016 scheduled launch of a satellite "Lomonosov" and automatic interplanetary station "ExoMars" No. 1. In 2017 it is planned to start the machine "Spectrum-x, in 2018 - "Asomarse" No. 2, and in 2019 - the mission "Luna-glob".
Space laboratory "Spectrum-UV" Roscosmos plans to send into orbit in 2021, biosatellite "Bion-M" №2 - in 2022. The mission of the "Arch" and "Resonance" No. 1 will start in 2023, and the "Resonances" of the next generations (2, 3, 4 and 5) will be sent into space with the end of 2024 at the beginning of 2025. Biosatellite "Bion-M" No. 3 and the machine "Intergenia-Probe" will launch in 2025.
The study of the moon dedicated to the mission "Luna-glob" and "Luna-Resource-OA" (launch in 2021) and "Luna-Resource-PA" (starts in 2022).
It is expected that the consideration of the government of Russia the project PCF, adopted by the scientific and technical Council of the Russian Federal space Agency, received 10 June 2015. From the budget for the implementation of PCF for 2016-2025, the Agency wants to raise about 2 trillion rubles. This amount is minimal to ensure the solution of actual problems of space activities.
Dr. Ellen Stofan, August 25, 2013, which is the chief science Advisor to the head of NASA, in early April of 2015 reported that in the next 20 years, the Agency will find traces of extra-terrestrial life in the Solar system. Earlier she said that the main objective of NASA is to achieve an astronaut of Mars.

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