Azercosmos signs new cooperation agreements

Azercosmos signs new cooperation agreements
17:34 7 Noyabr 2016
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The only satellite operator in the South Caucasus, Azercosmos OJSC, signed a cooperation agreement with the leading companies DCS Telecom and Don Telecom, which offer satellite services in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.

Under the agreement, both companies will provide sustainable communication, internet,  networking, voice, video and mobile services, as well as integrated complex information systems, special solutions and other data services in the region of Africa and the Middle East, using Azerspace-1 satellite’s resources. Cooperation between Azercosmos OJSC and these satellite companies will strengthen Azerspace-1 satellite’s position in the region.

Note that DCS Telecom and Don Telecom are provider companies with extensive experience in the world’s advanced communications technologies.

At the same time, the satellite operator signed a contract with the Turkish radio companies Radyo Akman, Radyo Derman and Radyo Efsana.

Under the contract, the broadcasting of radio channels covering music and news programs via "Azerspace-1" satellite started in October 2016 at 11027/H/7500frequency.