Iranian researchers out to save sole species that could balance Lake Urmia's ecosystem

Iranian researchers out to save sole species that could balance Lake Urmia's ecosystem
17:42 13 Noyabr 2015
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Tehran, Iran, November 13

By Mehdi Sepahvand –- Trend:

Iranian researchers are trying to revive the brine shrimp, a species that is said to be the only one capable of balancing the ecosystem of Lake Urmia, director of Iran Fisheries Research Institute Mohammad Pourkazemi has said.

He said efforts to revive brine shrimp come as part of a master plan to save Lake Urmia from dying, ISNA news agency reported on November 13.

Low precipitation and unbridled usage of surface and underground waters have run Iran into a serious water crisis.

Lake Urmia, the biggest inland Iranian lake has shrunk by several degrees in the past decades and is facing a critical situation. If the lake dries out completely, serious environmental hazards will threaten the lives of the people in the area.

One of the plans being carried out to save the lake involves importing water from remote sources.

Pourkazemi said since the incoming water is different from the lake’s own water, measures need to be taken to preserve the lake's ecosystem.

He pointed out that the research center currently represents the regional body for the production of brine shrimp as well as the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), but regretted that the necessary budget for carrying out this responsibility has not been provided.

Funds worth $2 million, which were to be provided as its budget over a period of three years, have not been granted, he said, adding that as a result, the secretariat meant to organize activities could not be set up. The research center was to have organised these activities under the international bodies.

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