Seagate made a portable hard drive with huge 5TB storage space

Seagate made a portable hard drive with huge 5TB storage space
14:34 17 Noyabr 2016
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Popular hard drive maker Seagate has introduced the world’s largest portable hard drive, which comes with 5 Terabytes of storage.
Seagate recently revealed their newest 2.5 inch form factor Terabyte hard drive which uses the same technology as the external hard drive. Both the 2.5 inch internal hard drive and the external hard drive offer the biggest capacity ever in the world in their respective categories.
The company says that the increasing usage of 20+ megapixel cameras and recording 4k videos requires bigger storage spaces than ever. This external hard drive is Seagate’s answer to that.
Despite being bigger than conventional external hard drives (3.5 inch in size compared with 2.5 inch regular ones), it does not use an external power source to work. It works similar to regular external hard drives despite its bigger size.
The hard disk is 0.8 inches tall, 4.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. It weighs 247 grams which is around 1/4th of a Kg. So even if it seems bigger than the other hard drives (and heavier) it shouldn’t be much of an issue to carry it around with you.
Seagate promises speeds of up to 120MB/s on a USB 3.0 port. This should offer plenty of speed plus the huge storage size to store all of your personal data. Like other Seagate external hard drives, this one also includes software for automatically backing up your data, everything from your pc, laptop, smartphone or cloud data.
The hard disk is covered in an aluminium case for added durability and comes in 4 colors; black, silver, red and blue.
The 5TB model will go for about $190 (or around Rs. 20,000). No definite release date was provided by the company although it did say that the hard drive will be available worldwide later on in November this year.