Exhibition of Azerbaijani artist Maryam Alakbarli at Carrusel de Louvre gallery turns tradition

Exhibition of Azerbaijani artist Maryam Alakbarli at Carrusel de Louvre gallery turns tradition
10:46 22 Oktyabr 2016
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Baku, October 22 AZERTAC

An exhibition of young Azerbaijani artist Maryam Alakbarli opened at the exhibition hall in Carrusel de Louvre, Paris.

The exhibition of works by Maryam Alakbarli was arranged as part of the opening of "Art Shopping" international festival.

Addressing the ceremony, director of the exhibition hall Myriam Annonay Castanet highlighted the importance of the exhibition, adding works by Maryam Alakbarli would be sold for the first time. Myriam Annonay Castanet said exhibition of Maryam Alakbarli, will again cause great interest of the audience.

Azerbaijan`s Ambassador to France Elchin Amirbayov spoke about the importance of exhibition, saying this already turned a tradition and was the indicator of success of young artist.

Maryam's works have earned big success both in her motherland Azerbaijan and beyond its borders in Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey Lithuania and France.

Azerbaijan`s Permanent Representative in UNESCO Anar Karimov stressed the importance of exhibition, saying these works of young artists promoted Azerbaijan`s cultural heritage.

Art critic Jeanette Zwingenberger highlighted the uniqueness of Maryam's works.

The exhibition will run until October 23.

Maryam Alakbarli studied in different schools of Baku and Moscow. The artist's artwork is ingenious. She bravely plays with forms and colors, creating a vivid, harmonious, safe world. One of the peculiarities of her painting is her work with color and color-complementary contrasts.

"Complementary colors make a strange pair. They are opposite, yet... incite each other to maximum vividness when together", writes J. Itten, one of the Bauhaus founders.

Alakbarli chooses colors masterly. Her tool is, first of all, intuition of a great artist, supported by practice. Her inherent feeling of color distinguishes her art. Using her intuition the artist achieves results that take many years of education for others.

Thierry Dufresne, a French art historian, says about Alakbarli's work, "When I first saw her drawings and abstract compositions, I immediately understood what she was doing and trying to convey through her works. It was a return to the origin. To the moment when all forms were just a light and they all were equal".

Cheerful and tranquil paintings by Alakbarli reflect her deep personal approach to everything that surrounds us. In the era of technological triumph and total rationality, she puts much sincerity, harmony and goodness into her artworks. At present, during her happy school years, Alakbarli enjoys the new level of development in her art. Art as a paradoxical thing has given Maryam Alakbarli a wonderful chance to express her love of nature in all its manifestations.

Shahla Agalarova

Special Correspondent
AZERTAG.AZ :Exhibition of Azerbaijani artist Maryam Alakbarli at Carrusel de Louvre gallery turns tradition